Thursday, January 15, 2015

vCAC Server Appliance 6.x: Check Updates status stuck on "Checking for available updates" forever

I encountered this issue while upgrading vCAC 6.1 to vRealize Automation 6.2. As per the procedure, I mounted the upgrade updates ISO image to the vCAC Server Appliance and clicked on Check Updates and it remained there forever.

These were steps I tried initially to stop this with no luck!

Restarting the vCAC server services

Rebooting the Appliance

Migrating Appliance on different host

Even after reboot, the status was "Checking for available updates". So basically there was no option on console or command to come out of this loop.


The solution is to fool the appliance to stop looking for updates in never ending loop. Follow the below steps to stop this

1. Click on the Update tab and Settings tab.

2. Under Update Settings Select "Automatic Check for Updates".

3. Set the next coming time slot, the options are available in hourly gap and click on save settings.

4. Wait till the appliance passes the selected time slot and it will automatically come out of the loop.

Important: Make sure you choose the option which you are not using to update, i.e., if I am using the CD-ROM option then I would select "Use Default Repository" or "Use Specified Repository" to break the loop.

This was tricky and simple. Hope this was informative.