Monday, October 27, 2014

Reset vCenter Orchestrator Appliance Configuration Password

I have multiple instance of vCenter Orchestrators running in my vCAC setup as endpoints including the default one.  During first time configuration I created different passwords due to the fact that the default vCO (which comes with vCAC) password requires at least one uppercase and this restriction isn't there with the vCO Appliance. So, I had two different passwords for my two vCO's and after couple of days I messed up with my passwords and ended up locking both the vCO configuration logins.

Later on, I started getting the below error even after entering correct password. Tried on different browsers and multiple sessions.
Login failed: User/password mismatch or account temporarily blocked after too many unsuccessful attempts

Issue: After entering wrong password for multiple times on vCenter Server Orchestrator Configuration login page, the login is blocked for uncertain time interval and you receive the below error.


  1. Login to the vCO appliance with the root password. I usually take a putty session as it is more quick and easy to use.
  1. Type: # cd /etc/vco/configuration/ and hit enter.
  1. List the directory by typing "ls" and backup the file "". I used below command
  1. Type " vi" (Press Insert) and clear everything, in my case the line starting from "vmware=SHA…… .. .. \=\=" which was my old password.
  1. Now type the default password by adding the below line without any changes and save the file. (Press ESC and :wq to save)
  1. Restart the vCO configuration services by typing the below command
service vco-configurator restart
  1. After couple of minutes this should take effect and you should be able to login with the default username and password for configuration login which is
Username: vmware
Password: vmware
  1. After successful login, you are prompted to create a new password with at least one upper-case alphabet (if vCAC 's default vCO).

The above steps should work but sometimes it might take a long time to take effect after resetting the password. Here is what I did for immediate login, even you may try only if you remember your old password and if you can't wait

Follow the steps from 1-6 and again rename the file "" as "" and restart the vCO configurator service. You are making the old password file active and don’t forget to rename the file created for default password.

I hope the above information is helpful.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Associate a vCenter Orchestrator Endpoint with a Blueprint in vCAC 6.1

vCAC uses vCO Endpoints to run workflows. We can configure multiple vCO Endpoints and configure priority on it, where 1 is the highest priority. While executing the vCO workflows, vCAC connects to the highest priority vCO Endpoint and if it is not available then it goes to the  next priority vCO endpoint. We can also associate particular vCO endpoint with a blueprint, so that whenever any VM is provisioned through that Blueprint, it will always use the associated vCO Endpoint. 

I have 2 vCO Endpoints added to the vCAC, vCO is the default one and vCO01 is external.

This post will demonstrate how to associate an existing Blueprint with vCO Endpoint.

  1. Login to vCAC as Tenant Administrator or Business Group Manager.
  1. Go to Infrastructure >> Blueprints >> Blueprints.
  1. I would be editing the existing Blueprint, the steps remain same if creating a new Blueprint. I am using the Blueprint created for Provisioning Linked Clone  VMs.
  1. Click on Properties Tab and click on New Property.
  1. Type VMware.VCenterOrchestrator.EndpointName in the Name text box.
  1. Type the name of  vCO Endpoint in the Value text box. In my case vCO01 is set to Priority 2.
  1. Click on Green Check mark and click on OK.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

vCAC 6.1: Error : The vCloud Automation Center console is not supported for Internet Explorer in compatibility mode.

Issue: During the configuration of vCloud Automation Center Server, when you try to connect to the vCloud Automation Center console at "" on Internet Explorer 8 or higher you receive the below error

"The vCloud Automation Center console is not supported for Internet Explorer in compatibility mode"

Documentation: Below is the snipped of vCloud Automation Center 6.1 Installation and Configuration Guide where it clearly say:


Keep in mind vCloud Automation Center requirements when choosing a browser to use with vCloud Automation Center.

As per the documentation, if you set the browser mode to Internet Explorer 7


  1. Press F12 or Click on Tools and select Developers Tools.
  2. Select Browser Mode as IE7.
  3. The vCAC console page automatically refreshes. Login with the SSO credentials.
  4. Now it throws a new error message, which contradicts with recommendation provided in the above documentation.

  1. Now Press F12 again and select Browser Mode as IE8, not the IE 8 compatibility View.

  1. The page automatically refreshes and logs you in the vCAC Console.

Input by +Sawab Ahmed 

In some cases there might be some AD Group policies set which might restrict a user access to F12/Developer options.
You may Perform the following in those cases:

1. Navigate to Tools --> Compatibility View Settings.
2. Uncheck the option "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" and "Display all websites in Compatibility View"
3. Restart the Internet Explorer and you shouldnot get the warning anymore.