Sunday, August 23, 2015

Install and Configure vRealize Application Services 6.2

Deploy vRealize Application Services 6.2 (Application Director)

Before you deploy the Application Services appliance, make sure you have created the IP Pool at the Datacenter level and associated the right Network Pool. The deployment of Application Services is the same OVA deployment, input all the required information and your Application Services appliance deployed in few minutes. Once the Appliance is successfully deployed follow the below steps to complete the configuration

Configuring vRealize Application Services after Deployment

  1. While it is booting, it would prompt for the Serial Number (license). Enter the Serial Number and press Enter.
  2. Prompted for "root" paasword.
  1. Next prompt is for "Darwin_User". Remember, When you are prompted for this password again, you have only three attempts to type the correct password.
  1. Here you can enable ssh services by typing "yes" to the prompt.
  1. Now you are prompted to enter the vRA or vCAC url.
  2. Now enter System Administrator Username, i.e., administrator@vsphere.local and enter the password when prompted. It would start the registering process.
  3. Wait till you get the "vCAC server registered successfully" message.
  4. Next prompt is to set up Out-Of-Box sample content , select "y" and press enter.
  5. Now enter the Tenant details, make sure the tenant user mentioned has the application services role in order to import the sample contents.
  1. Enter the Business Group details, the Business group has space in it then enclose the entire name in double quotes.
  1. At this stage it would import the out-Of-Box sample contents to added tenant. Wait till you get the "import successful" message.  Press any key to continue
  1. In the last step you are logged in as admin and prompted to enter the new password. Enter the password and that concludes deployment of vCloud Application Services 6.2.

Configurations on vRealize Application Services 6.2

  1. Connect the Application Services portal by going to https://ip_or_fqdn_of_appd:8443/darwin/org/tenant_name
  1. Enter the Tenant username and password to login, the user who has application services privileges.
  1. Click on Application drop down and select "Cloud Providers"
  1. New Cloud Provider: Application Services registers a cloud provider by connecting to a vRealize Automation business group.  Click on the Green Plus and Fill in the details. I am using vCAC as the Cloud Provider here, vCloud and EC2 are the other supported options. The username and password is the Business Group Manager credentials for the respective Business Group selected. Click on "Validate Connection" and then save after successful validation.

Add Template: Template would be the IaaS VM, required to deploy application and services through Application Services. I have created a Linux Blueprint with Linked Clone with vCAC guest agent and AppD agent installed. See Prepare RHEL Template for Application Services here.
Click on the Green Plus next to Template and select the Blueprint published for this purpose.

  1. Create a Deployment Environment: You can map a deployment environment to a vRealize Automation reservation policy before you deploy applications to that cloud environment. If you do not select a reservation policy, vRealize Automation picks any suitable reservation policy at deployment time.
Click on the Green Plus and fill in the details. Select the Reservation policy, (in vCAC >> Infrastructure>>Reservation>>Reservation Policy) and click on Save.

Now you are ready for the Application Deployments, I would share post on Application Deployment soon. Hope this post was informative.