Monday, September 29, 2014

Installing vCenter Orchestrator Plugin (EMC ViPR)

Plug-ins helps to connect vCenter Orchestrator to the external technologies and applications. It lets you automate the access, control and management. There are lots of plug-ins which comes along with the vCenter Orchestrator Appliance and 3rd-Party plug-ins could be installed to work with vCO. 

You may see those plugin by going to below address and click on plug-ins tab

You may add third party plugins from the same console. For example, when you have vCenter Operations Manager or Vmware Horizon Suite 6 in your environment and if you wish to automate and manage those products using vCenter Orchestrator then you just need to download the respective vCO plugin and update it. Those plugins comes with many default workflows to manage & automate several tasks. Also you may use the default workflows to further customize as per your requirement or create a completely new workflow. For more vCO plugin from different vendors like EMC, F5 Networks, Avenet, NetApp etc visit the below link and click on "vCO Plug-ins" tab

In this post I will show you how to install new plug-in in vCenter Orchestrator. I will download the EMC ViPR plugin from the above website. First step is to register yourself on this website with your company email

  1. Click on the "Try" button to download the plug-in. It will download the file with .dar extension (EMC-ViPR-vCO-Plugin-
  2. Now login to the vCenter Orchestrator configuration page by typing -
  1. Now Click on "Plugins" tab and click on browse icon to locate the downloaded plugin and then click on "Upload and Install".
  2. It might take couple of minutes to upload, wait till you get the "plug-in installed".
    It will show "will perform installation at next server startup".
  3. Click on"Startup Options" tab and restart the vCO server service.
  1. Now connect to your vCO using vCO client and click on Workflow Tab. You would see new EMC ViPR workflow library added with so many default workflows.

Similarly you may install any third party plug-ins to expand the capabilities of vCenter Orchestrator. I hope this post was help. 

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