Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Associate a vCenter Orchestrator Endpoint with a Blueprint in vCAC 6.1

vCAC uses vCO Endpoints to run workflows. We can configure multiple vCO Endpoints and configure priority on it, where 1 is the highest priority. While executing the vCO workflows, vCAC connects to the highest priority vCO Endpoint and if it is not available then it goes to the  next priority vCO endpoint. We can also associate particular vCO endpoint with a blueprint, so that whenever any VM is provisioned through that Blueprint, it will always use the associated vCO Endpoint. 

I have 2 vCO Endpoints added to the vCAC, vCO is the default one and vCO01 is external.

This post will demonstrate how to associate an existing Blueprint with vCO Endpoint.

  1. Login to vCAC as Tenant Administrator or Business Group Manager.
  1. Go to Infrastructure >> Blueprints >> Blueprints.
  1. I would be editing the existing Blueprint, the steps remain same if creating a new Blueprint. I am using the Blueprint created for Provisioning Linked Clone  VMs.
  1. Click on Properties Tab and click on New Property.
  1. Type VMware.VCenterOrchestrator.EndpointName in the Name text box.
  1. Type the name of  vCO Endpoint in the Value text box. In my case vCO01 is set to Priority 2.
  1. Click on Green Check mark and click on OK.


  1. Hi Akmal, does this work for vRA 7.0.1.. I tried following your steps in vRA 7.0.1

    - embedded VRO - Endpoint 1 - Priority = 1
    - External VRO - Endpoint 2 - Priority = 2

    1. Hi Mukesh,

      you have to add a property "VMware.VCenterOrchestrator.EndpointName" and write the name of your respective vRO or vCO name under Value.