Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Build a NetApp Simulator Lab - Free for Community by Neil Anderson

My friend Neil Anderson has really worked hard and built this NetApp Simulator, which is absolutely free for community. 

A new and free ‘How to Build a NetApp Simulator Lab’ guide has just been released on the Flackbox blog which you could find really useful if you want to simulate enterprise grade storage in your home lab. The guide doesn’t just include instructions on how to download and set up the NetApp simulator, it also explains how to configure your Windows and Linux clients and is fully networked with a VyOS router. Best of all it can all be run for free on your laptop.

The lab topology has been designed to closely replicate a real world environment. You can use it for study or to test out features before deployment in production. The blog regularly releases new NetApp training tutorials which you can follow along and practice yourself using the lab.

The guide can be downloaded here: NetApp Simulator Free eBook

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