Monday, November 4, 2013

Modify vCenter Server Appliance Network Configurations from Command line

There could be scenarios where you have to change the IP address of vCenter Server Appliance. This can be done by two ways

  1. Using the vCenter Server Appliance configuration page, i.e., by going to
             and then select the Network tab and then Address tab

  1. From command line.

Like, in my case, I am using Physical servers from cloud provider, where I am getting the IP which is publicly not accessible.

In this case I cannot open the configuration page using the first method. For that I have to make the changes from command line.

When you go to the Virtual Machine console of vCenter Server Appliance, there is no Networking settings available

Follow the below steps to change the network setting

  1. Login - default
             Username - root
             Password - vmware

  1. Type the below command and hit enter, that brings up the new menu

  1. To enter a static IP address, press 6 and follow the instructions accordingly

  1. Similarly, other entries like Default Gateway, DNS etc can be modified by going to respective options

I hope this was helpful.

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