Sunday, November 3, 2013

Vcenter Server Appliance 5.5 Deployment and Configuration

Vmware vCenter Server Appliance is a SUSE Linux 64-bit OS which is pre-configured with Database (PostgreSQL), Single Sign On and Inventory Services. Just download the Appliance from Vmware website and deploy using the vSphere Client.

Click on File and select "Deploy OVF template" and locate OVA file downloaded.

Within Few minutes it is deployed and it is ready to be configured. If you are using DHCP, you are good to go with the further configuration else, you may have to manually set the Static IP to the appliance.

Open Browser and point to https://appliance_ip:5480

The default username is "root" and password is "vmware"

Accept the EULA and select the default options if it is a fresh install. It will take few minutes to configure Database, SSO, Inventory Service and vCenter Server.

By default it also configures and starts the below services

  1. vSphere Web Client
  2. Log Browser
  3. ESXi Dump Collector
  4. Syslog Collector
  5. vSphere Auto Deploy (Service needs to configured)

That was about it and the vCenter Server is ready.

Note: When you are setting up for the first time, like me, there are few points to keep in mind

  1. When ESXi 5.5 is installed on a Server, only vSphere Client can be used. vSphere Web Client can be used after configuring vCenter Server or deploying vCenter Server Appliance.
  2. When you Deploy vCenter Server Applliance using vSphere Client, the VM would on "Virtual Machine Hardware version 7"
  3. Very Important: If you upgrade the Hardware version to 10 then vSphere Client cannot open the "Edit Setting" of the VM.
  4. vSphere Client would work in vSphere 5.0 mode, latest features of vSphere 5.1 and 5.5 are not available on vSphere Client.


  1. Good post!!! By the way can we do the above mentioned steps using a rest Api??

    1. I think REST api is like HTTP api, I dont have much idea about it. So, basically the vCenter Server appliance is a pre-configured OS (SUSE linux) which has inbuilt database connected to the vCenter Server (VMware's software to manage hosts and VMs).

      The above steps describes the deployment of this appliance, which I think cannot be done using such API. However, after deployment the rest of the configuration is done through the browser, you may do some magic there if you know the REST api.

      If I come across any such alternatives, i will update you and thanks for reading my posts, I have started the blogging from scratch and later I will try to cover some complex topics..