Thursday, November 3, 2016

Manually Register vRealize Application Services 6.2 with vRealize Automation 6.2

If you couldn't register the Application Service during it's initial setup with vRealize Automation or for any reason the list-vcac-info command shows no registration after successful registration then you can manually do it using below simple steps

  1. Take a putty session to your vRealize Application Services and login as darwin_user and do a su - and enter the root password or connect to VM console and login with root.
  2. Cd to /home/darwin/tools and run below command
java -jar darwin-cli.jar

  1. Now login with below information
login --serverUrl https://localhost:8443/darwin --username admin
  1. Use the below commands to register manually
register-vcac-server --componentRegistryUrl https://vRA_IP_or_FQDN --ssoAdministratorUsername administrator@vsphere.local

enter the SSO password when prompted

If you receive any error related to invalid sso credentials and if you are certain about the credentials then it is mostly because of the time sync issues. Check this post

If there are still errors then un-register older vcac register if this if it is causing failures in new registration by below command. This is needed if you want to remove the current vRA registration with Application Services and register to different vRA instance