Monday, November 28, 2016

VCAP6-CMA Objective 6.2: Create and publish a service blueprint Part01

This objective has below tasks,

· Configure ASD to enable vRA / vRO communication
· Configure advanced endpoints in ASD to enable communication with AD
· Create and Publish a service blueprint
· Modify fields and field properties for Form Designer form

the first two tasks are already completed in the previous objective

1.  Login to vRA and go to Advanced Services > Service Blueprints
2. Click on Add and navigate through the vCenter Orchestrator inventory to the Workflow which you wish to publish and click on next
3. It takes the name given on vCenter Orchestrator or you may change as needed and click Next.
4. Form could be customized here as needed just by dragging the items from the left.Click Next
5. Provisioned resource wouldn't be available unless the custom resource is created.  
6. Click on Add
7. Service Blueprint is created but it is still in draft mode.
8. Highlight the Blueprint and  click on publish. 
9. Go to Administration > Catalog Management > Catalog Items, there you would see the newly created Service Blueprint.
10. Make this part of Service and add Entitlements to add this service as Catalog Item.