Monday, November 14, 2016

VCAP6-CMA (Beta) Objective 4.2 - Publish a Machine Blueprint to a Service Catalog - Part01

Below is the list of all the sub-objective in 4.2 and I would cover the 3 topics in Bold in this part

· Publish Machine blueprints
· Add / Remove catalog items to / from a service
· Create / Configure an approval policy
· Create an entitlement
· Manage entitlements for specific users or groups
o Entitle a user to a service
o Entitle a user to a catalog item
o Entitle a user to a resource action
· Prioritize entitlements according to a deployment plan
· Attach approval policy for specific entitled catalog items

These tasks are straight forward, 

Publish Machine blueprints

1. Login to vRA and go to Infrastructure > Blueprints > Blueprints. Create a Blueprint. 
2. Notice the status under Published, it says No. Hover the mouse on the Blueprint name and click on Publish. Click on Ok.
3. This would publish this Blueprint to the Catalog list under Administration.

Add / Remove catalog items to / from a service

Add Catalog item to Service

Pre-Requisite: Have a Service name created by going to Administration > Catalog Management > Services

1. Select Catalog Items by going to Administration > Catalog Management > Catalog Item
2. Select the Blueprint which was published and select the Service name from the drop-down and click on Update.

Remove Catalog Item from Service

1. Select Catalog Items by going to Administration > Catalog Management > Catalog Item
2a. You may move the Catalog from one Service to Another and from Service drop-down option
2b. Turn the status to Inactive which will remove the Catalog from Service and click on Update

Create an entitlement

1. Click on entitlement by goint to Administration > Entitlements
2. Click on the Add to Add Entitlement, update as in the screenshot and click on next
* Give a Name 
* Set the Status to Active
* Select the Business Group
* Add Users  & Groups: You will be able to add the only Users & Groups which are part of the selected Business Group
3. Add the Service, Catalog Items and desired Actions.

Services: If you Entitle the Service, automatically all the Catalog Items of that Service will get Entitled. If you do not wish the user to have visibility on the all the Catalog Items from the Service, then just Entitle the Catalog Item without Entitling the Service.

4. Click on Add this Catalog Item will be Published and is available for deployments for the entitled users.