Friday, November 11, 2016

VCAP6-CMA (Beta) Objective 4.1 - Define Build Profiles/Custom Properties - Part02

Define build profiles/custom properties

Build Profile is a collection of multiple custom properties in a single place also it consists many "Property Sets" out of the box. So, you could create some new fields in the vRA request form using Property Dictionary and make it part of the Build Profile or use the Property set or just multiple custom properties.

Here we will define a new Build Profiles using AD Cleanup Property Set and in future, we can add Property Dictionary to the same Build Profile.This is very common property set which will clean up the AD records when the vRA controlled VM is destroyed

1. Login to vRA and go to Infrastructure > Blueprints > Build Profiles
a. Enter the Name for the Build Profile
b. From the Property Set drop down select ActiveDirectoryCleanupPlugin and click on load. This will load custom properties automatically
c. Update the AD username which has "sufficient rights to delete, disable, rename or move AD accounts" for the property name "Plugin.AdMachineCleanup.UserName". Click on Green check to save.
d. Update the account password and make sure you have Encrypted option checked before entering the password otherwise, the Password is visible. Click on Green check to save.

Click on OK to save.

2. Click on Blueprints on left and select the Blueprint on which you wish to add the Build Profile.
3. Click on the Properties tab and place a checkmark next to AD Cleanup which we just created
4. You could add any additional custom properties if not included in the Build Profile. Click on OK to save the configuration