Tuesday, November 8, 2016

VCAP6-CMA (Beta) Objective 7.2 - Part-03 - Application Versioning & Deleting Application Version

I have covered the major part of the objective 7.2 in part 1 and 2. In the 3rd Part, I will cover all the left out sub-objectives, which are simple and straight forward.

 Create an Application according to a deployment plan (covered in Part 1)
· Add Application Versioning
· Model and Configure an Application Blueprint (covered in Part 1)
· Delete an Application Version 
· Configure an Application blueprint according to a deployment plan (covered in Part 1)
· Create an Advanced Blueprint with Application Services (covered in Part 1)
· Create an Artifact Repository specification
· Create/Map an Artifact specification
· Deploy an Application with Artifacts
· Publish and Entitle an Application to the vRealize Automation Service Catalog (covered in Part 2)

Add Application Versioning

1. login to Application Services and click on the desired Application
2. A Single Application can have multiple version, you can find the Application Versions at the bottom
3. Click on the Green plus next to Application Versions, increase the version number and click on Save
4. Now click on Create Blueprint and  prepare your Application, Here I will create 2 Nodes and install .NET and then IIS 8.5. I have defined the sequence by arrows as which application will be installed first on each machine and also I have added the application deployment sequence for applications between VMs. This could be used for multi-tier Applications. 
5. Click On Save and Deploy if you wish to publish to vRA or deploy directly from Application Services.
6. Now under the Application, you see 2 versions. 
7. If you need to modify the existing Application version and make additional changes for other Use Cases than just click on Copy button on version box before the red cross. And increase the version number and click on Save.
8. Now if you click on the block, it will take the state of that Application and you can make the desired changes
9. Click on Save and now you have the 3rd version of Application.

Delete an Application Version 

1. Login to Application Services and when you hover the mouse on the cross of Application box, you would get the message "This Application cannot be deleted because it contains sub-objects.
2. Click on the Application and Delete the Application version by clicking on the red cross of the version box.
3. If there is an Application already deployed from this version then it is required to delete the deployment and then delete the Application version. 

Deleting the Deployment doesn't delete the Application deployed but if you had prepared Teardown in the service and if you select the teardown for the deployment then it will delete the Application.